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Moving Office… again

We have moved office again. Our landlord decided he’d make more money if he sold off the building for redevelopment so gave all the businesses in the building 3 months notice. Finding suitable office space in the Medway area proved rather difficult this time round. So after 22 years on the Medway City Estate we […]

Different types of tape

Why are there so many different types of tape? I wont try and answer that question but here is a rundown of most of the tape formats. By the way we can transfer all these formats to DVD or computer files except the U-Matic tapes and the Video2000. 3/4″ U-Matic 1971 Developed by Sony, A […]

Video to Computer files

Video to computer files is just one of the services offered at VideoDVDTransfer. We normally convert to mp4 format which is a digital video file format which is pretty universal in that it will play on virtually any device. We will then supply on a USB stick. While we normally convert to mp4 we can […]

Damaged Tapes?

Do you have any tapes that look like this? Why not let us transfer your videos to DVD and you’ll never have to worry about this happening again. If you play a video tape in a VCR that is not working correctly or has a dirty tape path, you may find your tape ends up like this. […]

Video to DVD transfer turnaround time

At videodvdtransfer.co.uk turnaround time is normally just a couple of days. Sometimes, if you have a really important tape, we can transfer a tape to DVD the same day! Please ask first though. All transfers are done in real time so if you have a lot of tapes it can take a bit longer.  We […]

Why transfer your videos to DVD?

At videodvdtransfer.co.uk we are often asked if videotapes will deteriorate over time. I always say “Probably”. Tapes rely on good, dry storage and good quality tape. The more you play them the more likely you are to notice white flecks in the picture. This is the tape breaking down. I have noticed that the older […]

Video to DVD Transfer Service

Having acquired the domain name www.videodvdtransfer.co.uk a few months ago I thought it was about time I set about putting some content on the site. Well it is now all done and the website is live at www.videodvdtransfer.co.uk As it’s name suggests the site is just for video to DVD transfer. It is a responsive […]

VideoDVDTransfer first blog post!

  Welcome to my first blog post. I’ve been doing this video thing for over 20 years full time and 6 years part time before that. I’ve had my office since 1996 on the Medway City Estate in Rochester providing a comprehensive range of video services to the general public and businesses. I expect you’ve […]